Light Assembly

Light assembly is something no one realizes they need until the need arises. Cornell's Lab of Ornithology calls upon us twice a year to assemble 10,000 Urban Bird packets. Ithaca College frequently asks us to assemble publicity posters and every year we assemble grade school books and materials for the Discovery Trail. Tompkins County Department of Assessment needs help assembling 32,000 tax bills twice a year. The one connective tissue for these customers is labor. Ask yourself, how an office of 3 can assemble 10,000 packets in a timely manner and still remain sane? The answer is Challenge Contract Production. We handle your project start to finish while you take care of your more important business.

“Challenge Contract Production has helped packaging book materials for Ithaca’s Kids Discover the Trail program for the past six school years. Russ Maracle and his staff are helpful, flexible and efficient. Our working relationship continues to be a pleasure.”

Nancy Grossman
Discovery Trail Coordinator

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Nancy Grossman

Checking book supplies for the Discovery Trail